Friday, May 2
  • Anyone who’s planning on attending todays 4:30PM class, please join us at Cook Memorial Park, 413 N. Milwaukee Ave. located in downtown Libertyville. CFF will be there to support four Copeland Middle School fifth graders who’ve planned a no-technology day at the park for a competition they entered called Destination Imagination. From 4PM to 7PM there will be events, games and raffles. Several local small businesses will be there to support the kids as well. CFF will conduct it’s 4:30PM class at the park then head back to the gym for its normally scheduled 5:30 class. Anyone who’s interested in training at the park while supporting our community, please be there at 4:30PM sharp.


    Back Squat.

    10 @ 65% immediately followed by 3 @ 80%,
    12 @ 60 % immediately followed by 3 @ 80%,
    15 @ 55% immediately followed by 3 @ 80%.


    10 minute running clock.

    5 x 2 minute rounds.

    @ the top of each round complete,

    10 knees to elbows,
    15 hand release pushups.
    With the remaining time each round complete:
    AMRAP Overhead Squat for total load (any weight you choose).

    Score is total load on OHS
    (Weight x reps = load).

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