Friday, August 22
  • Strength:

    Alternating on the minute for 8 minutes (4 sets each)
    AMRAP strict Handstand push-ups
    4 x 8 Front Rack alternating lunges (4 each leg). Use a weight that is challenging but light enough so that you can:
    • Maintain midline stability
    • Neutral hip position
    • Smoothly drive out of the bottom of every rep
    • Immediately following each set of lunges complete 1 max height box jump
    7 rounds for time
    • 21 wall ball shots
    • 3 burpee pull-up
    Each round, decrease wall ball shots by 3 and increase burpee pull-ups by 1.
    Final (7th) round will be 3 wall ball shots, 9 burpee pullups

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