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  • Schedule a visit today! This will give you an opportunity to see our facility, talk with our coaches and discuss which membership option works best for you. Schedule your visit during one of our class times so you can see a CrossFit class in action. 



    Our Foundations course is designed to teach you the mechanics of the movements before entering a class to ensure your safety and to allow our coaches some time to address any flexibility, fitness level, or injury concerns you may have. In addition, Foundations helps acclimate you to the gym, staff and CrossFit as a whole to make sure you have the most fun and get the best results possible! 

    Once your ready to join, you’ll first need to complete three (3) one-on-one “Foundations” appointments. These private sessions will cover CrossFits 9 Foundational Movements, daily class structure, scaling and modifying workouts and the basic premise behind the CrossFit methodology. Once you’ve completed your Foundations training you are ready to join any one of our regularly scheduled classes. Our weekly class schedule can be found above under the “schedule” button.