Congratulations to you all on 
an amazing week of testing. 
We had drastic improvements in 
every area: Oly lifts, Strength, 
Benchmark Conditioning & Skill 
Tests. Steady improvement across 
the board. 

PR videos are linked on your 
whiteboard. Also, if you missed 
any testing communicate with a 
coach to find a time to make it up 
this week!

The next 2 weeks will be a transition 
into our Pre-season cycle that will 
begin after the New Year.

- Push Press (10 minutes to find 3rm)
- Push Press (AMRAP @ 75% of 3rm)

4 x 2 minute rounds
- 1:00 row for max cals
- 6 Shoulder to overhead (80% of Push Press 3rm)
- AMRAP Box Jumps (30/24)

Rest 1 min b/w rounds.
Score total cals plus total Box Jumps.