Happy Birthday Mrs. Abby Hickman!
Final week of pre-season prep. Next
week begins our In-Season Competition
5-week Cycle. The 2016 CF Open begins 
next week. Sign up. Do it.

2016 Pre-Season Cycle 
Week 7

4-way Shoulder Prep w/Banded Distraction:
-overhead external rotation - contract relax
-front rack prep, externally rotated, elbow tight
-anterior cross tension, interior rotation, palm up
-across posterior - externally rotate

10x each side:
Primal Pull Through to Samson Stretch to 
Low Lunge to Prayer Twist

On the minute for 6 minutes:
2 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk
- Build to heaviest set for the day

16 min clock for total working time.
4 x 4:00 rounds alternating at the top of
every other minute b/w the following two

- 8 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)(<60%) +
- 15/12 Pullups

- 6 Front Rack Lunges +
- 12 Split Squat Jumps +
- 30 Lateral Bar Hops

Upon completion of final round, continue to
work for remaining time completing AMRAP:
- Lateral Barhop Burpees
Deduct :05 for each additional Burpee completed.