2017 Open Prep Cycle 
Week 2

This 8 week cycle will take us right to the start of the
2017 CF Open which begins on Feb 25. This cycle will focus 
on applying the absolute strength and much improved OLY 
mechanics/positioning/technique that we have established to 
more consistent and sustainable efforts. We will focus more 
on pacing, higher rep movements and speed/efficiency of rep 

Combinations of max effort and dynamic effort movements, along 
with ample accessory work and more focus on gymnastics proficiency 
as well as higher level gymnastics skills and progressions. More 
than any other period of the year, the Open Prep Cycle will have 
a competition prep emphasis.

Banded Overhead Extension with side body rotation
Banded Overhead extension to low lunge/ hamstring floss
Snatch Warmup building up to Weightlifting starting weight

3 Position Snatch (3-3-3-3-3)
1 High Hang Snatch + 1 Mid Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch
- Work on efficient, smooth, touch and go mechanics on rep from floor
- Every 2 min for 10 min building up to 70%
1 Snatch Grip Paused First Pull + 1 Snatch (5 x 1 + 1)
- Every :90 for 7:30 (5 sets)
- Building up to about 80%

Back Squat
- 3 x 4 @ 75%
- Every 2:00 for 6 min

METCON (Time):
4 rounds for time

- 12 Toes to Bar
- 9 Overhead Squats (95/65)(<60% 1RM SNATCH)
- 3 Bar Facing Burpees

Ladder up by 3 each round on BURPEES (3/6/9/12)