CF Open begins tonight. Event 
17.1 will be announced every 
Thursday night at 7pm CST for 
the next 5 weeks. Be sure to 
register on the games site & 
submit your score by Monday
Feb 27th. 

All Friday classes throughout 
the Open will do the Open 
workout. We're adding a rolling 
start Friday nights starting at 

2017 CrossFit Open
Week 1

Active Recovery
Focus of today is to mobilize, 
increase core body temp & blood 
flow, repair & recover from the 
week, and get ready to feel great 
and ready to perform at your best 
for 17.1 tomorrow.

10 min movement flow
-upward extension
-downward pike
-low lunge
-samson stretch
-pigeon stretch
-lateral lunge
-back to plank w/opposite side 

On the minute for 20 minutes.
1:00 min each station
(5 rounds):

- 200/160m Row
- 4 Burpees + 10 moderate Box 
  Jumps. Explosive up/step down)
- 6 Goblet Squats + 12 KB Swings
- 30 Alt. Single Unders + 12 Situps

Treat as active recovery. Move 
through at about 70% RPE. Scale 
as needed in order to establish no 
more than 3:1 work to rest ratio.