2017 Summer Training Cycle
Week 6

Banded Batman Hip Opener
Low lunge w/ trunk rotation
Hamstring floss
wide leg forward fold to thoracic rotation

Bench Press (5-5-5-5+)
Alternating on the minute for 8 minutes-
5 reps @ no more than 80%
Deadlift (4 x 6)
alternating on the minute with Bench press for 8 minutes

Speed Deadlift touch and go at no more than 70%
focus on perfect position and smooth touch and go transition every rep-
stay engaged, never losing tension in the bar- squeeze bar off the ground every rep

Metcon (Time):
12:00 clock
6 rounds, for total working time – begin round every 2:00

6 Double DB Ground to Overhead (50/30)
6 DB Front Rack alternating lunges
12 Box Jumps (24/20)
On final round- continue to work AMRAP box Jumps to the 12:00 mark

Deduct :02 for each additional box jump- after every 10 reps, you must complete

-2 Double DB Ground to Overhead (50/30) +
-2 DB Front Rack alternating lunges
before proceeding with Box Jumps