2017 Fall Testing Cycle – Week 10 – Friday

CrossFit Freedom – CrossFit


Banded Overhead Extension/ low lunge/samson

upward extension/pull through/ lizzard lunge to samson to half pigeon

PVC Prayer Stretch

PVC Jerk Warmup (press from split , tall jerk)


Split Jerk (8 x 1)

1 Split Jerk Every 1:15 for 10:00 – all reps @ 80-90%

focus on perfect reps- speed and stability- hold recieving position for 2 count before recovery


1: Metcon (Time)

6 Rounds, for time, and for load

15/12 cal row

6 Clean and Jerk
Athlete chooses load each round on C&J- Goal is to be as fast as possible, and as heavy as possible

Ladder down by 1 rep each round on the C&J- you may increase (or decrease) between each round

Rest 1:00 between Rounds

score for part 1 is total working time (subtract 5 min of rest)

score for part 2 is total load used (sum of all 6 sets)

2: Metcon (Weight)

score total load for all 6 sets
Sum of all 6 sets- not the total load lifted, just the sum of the weight used for each of the 6 rounds

One Week from tonight- December 8 5:30 pm – CFF Christmas Party- we hope you all can join us!