A Proven Approach To Building Durability & Aerobic Capacity For Runners, Triathletes/Duathletes & CrossFit Competitors

“In our sport there are three key areas of fitness that you will be developing. These are speed, strength and endurance. A well-executed strength program, twice a week, can allow you to cut up to 25% out of your aerobic training, push a higher power output  & accelerate when needed during your races . Strength training delivers better performance & even better results.” – Mark Allen 6x Ironman  World Champion, ITU World  Triathlon Champion, 10x Undefeated Nice International Triathlon Champion

Training utilizing Power Speed Endurance programming (or PSE) is gaining broad acceptance in the endurance arena as a safe and extremely effective alternative compared to the traditional endurance training model. Studies validate the positive effects of low volume, high intensity training.  These same studies document greater training compliance, greater oxidative stress tolerance, decreased injury rates, and increased cardio metabolic benefits.

In contrast, constant repetitive training, which is all too common in the endurance community, is a recipe for repetitive stress injury and prolonged recovery time. There is little emphasis on preserving the supportive lean muscle tissue that is crucial for joint and body support. And despite what seems intuitive, multiple studies confirm that running and cycling alone will not preserve lean muscle tissue.

Training for endurance athletes has long been a challenge.  Families and jobs have suffered because of the strong will of endurance athletes to compete and their dedication to traditional long training sessions. Fortunately, there is a better alternative.  Using PSE, athletes can now achieve the desired training results in 1/3 to 1/2 the time.