Ladies & gentlemen the wait is over. The 2017 6th Annual Fitoberfest has arrived. We’ve got some big changes & exciting events planned for this years event. For the first time ever Fitoberfest will be a 1-day event jam packed with high intensity workouts and fun filled festivities. Unknown challenges, amazing vendors, excellent food and cold beer await you. It’s an event that we’ve come to love and look forward to every year. We have a lot in store for you and we can’t wait to set this off! We hope you can join us yet again to celebrate Fitness with friends & family.

As always, out-of-town competitors will have access to discounted hotel rooms through Hotel Indigo in Vernon Hills. As we get closer to the event, make sure to check the official Fitoberfest webpage for important updates. Sponsors/vendors, workouts, heat schedules etc… will be released soon. If you have any questions about the event let us know. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

CrossFit Freedoms 6th Annual FitoberFest will be a 1-day, 2-person team (same gender) and individual Masters competition on Saturday, September 23rd at the biggest box in the Midwest! Be ready for anything, as we throw down inside and outside among an Oktoberfest themed celebration of food, drinks, and music! FitoberFest will be a true test of strength, endurance, stamina, and all of the general physical skills to find the fittest masters and teams - be prepared for anything!
Single gender teams of 2 (MM/FF) both RX & Scaled as well as Individual Masters (M/F). Over the age of 40 will be considered Masters
WHEN: Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM (CDT) WHERE: CrossFit Freedom - 748 East Park Avenue, Libertyville, IL 60048

  • Athlete registration will be available from 4pm to 7pm CST Friday evening and Saturday morning starting at 7am. All athletes must be registered one hour prior to their heat of Event 1. Expedite your registration process by downloading the waiver below.
  • Vendors can setup on Friday as well. Saturday and Sunday morning works too as long as its before the start of the 1st event.
  • For the first time ever, online scoring will be provided by Wodify Arena. Athletes will have the ability to see their event scores and ranking in real-time from any mobile device. Be sure to get our WiFi code when you  get here.

  • Registration Opens: Aug 1st
  • Registration Closes: September 15th
  • Division/Price:
    • Team RX Men/$200
    • Team RX Women/$200
    • Team Scaled Men/$200
    • Team Scaled Women/$200
    • Masters Men/$100
    • Masters Women/$100

Athlete Registration:

Athlete Waiver:

Sponsorship Card:


Title Date Open Spots  
2017 Fitoberfest September 23, 2017 50


Map of Local Restaurants, Gas and Coffee:

Hotel Indigo:

2017 Event Details

2017 PHOTOS: Coming soon

2017 STANDINGS: Coming soon


Heat Assignments: .pdf  or image

Event Schedule: .pdf or image

2017 MOVEMENT STANDARDS: Coming soon

2016 WORKOUTS: Coming soon

2017 Prerequisite Standard Expectations for Each Division:

The RX Team division will challenge all athletes. The weight will get heavy and there will be high skill movements and grueling metcons. RX athletes should be able to perform the majority of CrossFit benchmark workouts as prescribed. Programming and movements requirements will be similar to what you would find on CF main site programming. A general idea of weights RX division athletes should be able to handle are listed below. If you are overly concerned with whether or not, you will be able to perform certain movements it’s recommended to register for the scaled division. These events will challenge athletes of all fitness levels.

(In pounds)
Snatch: 155
Clean & Jerk: 225
Deadlift: 315
Back Squat: 275

Snatch: 95
Clean & Jerk: 155
Deadlift: 225
Back Squat: 185

The scaled division will be structured to be inclusive for all willing participants. It’s highly suggested that you have some proficiency with basic skills and have enough CrossFit experience to be familiar with all of the movements. Expectations are similar to what you might find in a general CrossFit class. While it would be beneficial to be able to perform movements such as Pull-ups, Double Unders, or Box Jumps (24”/20”), there will be options to complete each event without having all of those skills and it will not exclude you from competition or from possible contention. Events will be similar to the RX events but will use lighter loads and have scaling options for gymnastics movements.

Examples of weights that you should be able to lift (in pounds):
Snatch: 95
Clean & Jerk: 135
Deadlift: 225
Back Squat: 185

Snatch: 45
Clean & Jerk: 95
Deadlift: 155
Back Squat: 135

The Masters division will challenge even the highest level Masters athletes, but will be very inclusive to all levels. Programming loads and skill demands will be similar to the CrossFit Open Masters workouts. The inability to perform any specific skill will not exclude any Masters athlete from competition. Expected loads will be similar to those listed above for the Scaled division.

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