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We're More Than Just A CrossFit Affiliate, We're a Campus

CrossFit Freedom is part of the Freedom Health and Fitness Campus located in Libertyville, IL. Our campus location is home to several businesses and services dedicated to providing industry-leading Health and Fitness solutions.

CrossFit Freedom, LLC

A 12,000 sq ft training facility dedicated to the CrossFit methodology of health and fitness. Workouts are conducted in groups of varying sizes & skill levels and always under the guidance of one of our highly skilled CrossFit certified coaches.

Real Clean Paleo, LLC

Provides delicious, nutritious, paleo prepared meals using only the freshest ingredients. Meals are prepared daily, on site, in our state of the art commercial kitchen.

Hall Health Coaching

Through education and support, Hall Health Coaching provides individuals with everything they need to adopt healthy new habits that become sustainable lifestyle changes.

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids is a strength & conditioning program that is specifically designed for adolescents. Regardless of age, overall fitness capacity & self-confidence improve.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Focusing on breath with movement, Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes promotes balance, strength and flexibility while staying present in the moment. Clarity, relaxation and peace of mind are just a few of the benefits that Yoga can provide.

Massage & Wellness Therapy

Our therapists offer a therapeutic massage with a holistic focus, custom designed to meet the needs of each individual client. Regular massage will help you train more effectively, improve your performance, assist in preventing injury and significantly reduce stress.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Due to the increase in Non-communicable diseases (NCD's), companies across america are facing higher insurance premiums, lower productivity levels & increased absenteeism due to employee illness. The Freedom Health and Fitness Campus partners with companies by providing their employees with proven, successful and healthy lifestyle initiatives.

"It's not the finish line that matters, its having the courage to start."

From the moment you walk in the door you're considered an athlete and part of our community. You will join others of all fitness levels and experience, who understand that this will not be easy, but that the payoff will be worth it. The following athletes have had tremendous success through their commitment to our program. Here are their stories and personal journeys to better fitness, health and quality of life.

Campus Facilities

Located just minutes from beautiful downtown Libertyville, our sprawling, 13,000 sf facility sits on 8 acres along Liberty Lake & stretches from Park Ave. to N. 5th St.. Our extensive experience, community involvement, proven track record & one of a kind location, puts us in a class of our own and second to none. Schedule a visit anytime - this facility is for you.


Getting in the best shape of your life doesn't require rows & rows of exercise machines. Our highly skilled coaches & supportive class atmosphere will get you there. Guaranteed.
kp meals


Good nutrition is the foundation for health & fitness, & is essential for complete CrossFit training. With the addition of our commercial kitchen, eating healthy has never been easier.
CFK Wall Ball

CrossFit Kids

In our separate CrossFit Kids room, children and teens participate in fun and engaging workouts that deliver measurable results and prepare them to be well - rounded athletes.
Massage Room

Therapeutic Massage

In a quiet & warm setting, our Massage & Wellness room provides a tranquil setting to relax and recover from a hard days work, or workout.


Because of the level of intensity at which CrossFitters train, it is especially important, out of respect to our whole self that we take time to find this balance between power and presence.
Fitober lot

Front Entrance

When the workout calls for running, sled push or sandbag carry, our 55,000 sqft parking lot provides a perfect 400m track.

WODIFY - Your Personal Fitness Assistant

Wodify is a state-of-the-art, cloud based tracking tool built by athletes for athletes. Wodify is our member management & performance tracking system. Athletes can use it to see the workout of the day, record their results, keep a nutrition & hydration log & track their performance. Wodify is designed to let athletes take ownership of their performance in & out of the gym.


Nutrition is the single most important factor in our health and fitness. The food that we fuel our bodies with directly and immensely affect the way we look, feel, perform, think, sleep, and recover.

We're All Athletes

As an athlete at CrossFit Freedom, you will receive all of the nutritional guidance necessary to best fuel your body for optimal fitness and longevity.

Food For Fuel

We eat real, whole, fresh, natural, clean food. We fuel our bodies with nutrient dense items containing naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and healthy sources of high quality fats.

Prevent Diseases & Sickness

Fighting off preventive diseases and chronic sickness is as simple as eating right and exercising. These are lifestyle choices that lead to better fitness, incineration of excess body fat & most importantly, better health.

Protein & Carbohydrates

To perform our best, we require protein from healthy animals free of growth hormones & antibiotics as well as carbohydrates loaded with essential micronutrients from fruits & vegetables.